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Our self-adjusting clothing keeps you
at the perfect temperature all day long.

How It Works


Plug in Battery

Our apparel utilizes a 12V battery system, with a convenient 5V usb port for charging your favorite gear on the go.


Connect to App

Press the hidden heat button in your pocket to get instant warmth! Then open your phone or watch app and click Scan to auto-connect.


Set and Forget

Set your preferred temperature and let us take care of the rest! Our software self-adjusts based on your body temperature and local weather.


"Hey Siri, Warm me up!"

Control Your Body Temperature from your Wrist. Download our app for your Apple Watch and take control.


Charge Your Phone & Accessories

Our apparel comes with a built-in 5V USB port so you charge all your favorite gear on the go!


In a World with an unpredictable climate, gain control over yours.

Our Auto-Adjusting Heating System brings you Instant Warmth

Being Cold is a Thing of the Past

On-Demand Heat for whatever adventure you find yourself on.






Winter Sports





Control Your Body Temperature from your Wrist

Download our upcoming app for your Apple Watch or Smartphone.


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Tech Specs & F.A.Q.'s

We work with the latest fabrics, technologies and designs.

How does it work?

Magic! In reality, our patent-pending self-adjusting technology heats our conductive inner liner to the perfect temperature. It's powered by a standard 12V battery system to enable maximum warmth.

Is the App required?

Of course not! Use the hidden button in the front pocket to easily switch between Low/Medium/High. Changing your body temperature from your smartwatch or phone is super awesome though.

What's the temperature range?

Our apparel has a range between 65-155 degrees. Powerful enough to warm you up instantly yet smart enough via our patent-pending auto-adjusting tech to keep you at the perfect temperature.

Is it Safe? Machine Washable?

Absolutely. Our apparel has been put through rigorous testing and uses the highest quality materials. Just remember to remove your battery before submerging in water! Make sure to tumble-dry as well.

Usage & Battery Life

Thanks to our self-adjusting tech, our standard 6000mah 12v battery is capable of keeping you at the perfect temperature for up to 10 hours.*
Extra batteries are available for extreme hours and conditions

Mobile and USB Port Compatibility

Our apparel uses the latest Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) and is compatible with both iPhone iOS 7+ and Android 4.3+. The embedded female USB port enables you to charge ANY device compatible with 5V usb.

See what others are saying


I never thought such amazing technology would ever exist!
- Kylie, Louisville


The self-adjusting is like magic. Instantly turns off when you walk inside a building.
- Terry, Chicago


This is perfect for working outside in the cold or just chilling outside at a bar.
- Paul, NYC


When does it arrive?

Well, that's up to you.

Help Us Reach Our Goal

53 pre-orders to go!

Why Crowdfunding?

We’re a small, intimate team who’s been investing every dollar and minute into bringing our vision to fruition. Now we need your help to scale to the next chapter.

Why 100 Pre-Orders?

In order for us to offer our low prices, we require a certain number of pre-orders to order our components in mass.

Is this a scam?

Absolutely Not. This is a startup two years in the making absolutely focused on delivering the highest quality products.

But seriously, when do I get it?

We are quickly filling up the first manufacturing batch and hope to begin delivering pre-orders starting March 2019.

Looking for More?

Now you can Live Warm from head-to-toe.


Heated Hoodies

Offering modern takes on both Pullover and Classic Zip-up styles in a number of colors including: Charcoal, Navy, Cream, Red and more.



Beanies, Gloves and Extra Batteries - The best accessories to go with your heated apparel.


Heated Jeans & Chino Pants

Offering Heated Jeans and Chino pants in a number of colors including: black, khaki, stone gray and more.

The Timeline

Our Journey from Concept to Release

November 2016

Research and Development

Started research and development to create the first personal climate control system.

January 2017

Started Prototyping

Experimented with various fabrics and methods of heating.

April 2017

Software Development

Created the initial beta of our mobile app to work with our various prototypes.

July 2017

Solidified Branding

We spent countless hours coming up with the perfect brand for all of our upcoming products.

August 2017

Custom Hardware

We began the laborious process of sourcing components and developing our own custom chip.

December 2017

E-Commerce Development

We began developement of the e-commerce store you're on now!

April 2018

Sourcing Components

We've searched the globe to offer the lowest prices possible.

November 2018

Began Taking Preorders

We've now begun accepting preorders as we ramp up production.


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Want to know when
LiveWarm is in Stock?

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