Since the early 2000’s, Crowdfunding has become an excellent way for companies to raise support for new products being brought to market. Crowdfunding drives innovation in several ways. Crowdfunding campaigns give companies very direct feedback about their products. As we spent the last year developing Livewarm™ we have gotten great feedback from our friends and family about our ideas and prototypes. Family and friends tend to be supportive in general. What we need to know is if complete strangers would be willing to part with their hard earned money to buy our product. Crowdfunding reduces our risk by allowing us to gauge whether or not people care about our idea or see a need for it.

The Crowdfunding community tends to be an engaged group of buyers who ask questions, provide feedback, and request modifications or customizations that allows to innovate and close gaps in our features and product offerings

Crowdfunding a product is a lot of work. We have spent the last 16 months developing Livewarm™ and our line of products. We believe that we have created a wearable tech product that is practical and intuitive and we want to share our products with the world. As a small and intimate product development team, we need additional resources to scale up production and deliver our new products. With your support, we can make this vision a reality.

Last Updated On February 23, 2018

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